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Brenda my wife

Truffler's Log

2014 VALENTINO has the woodcock i

It is now you can dig the truffle for love

golden truffle 7.12.2011

Magnatum Pico dug by Jennie parma 2011

2.12,2012 hunting lyre wood

2.12,2012 hunting lyre wood

digging magnatum pico italy 28.11.2011

16.11.2011 brumale hair's,

tuber aestivumunder the microscope 12.11.2011

30th october 2011 ghost in wood

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Hunting below the sway of beech's . Valentino, questing the air, sitting above the beech mast laden ground, digging under the avenue a fine truffle for the dry mild season. Next day , with bitch Brenda and her two son's Rudi and Bruno, already Rudi has dug 20 plus black fruits from his chalky vineyard, he was the first pup to kiss"his mother''s eye and now yaps around Alfred Collin's heels ; must a hundred year's since these dog's last travelled up and down the town's high street, putting truffle into the local pubs. Next stop "Italy", I pray for some cold weather and to eat the magnatum "Pico". Our season is warming up but even with the rain it is hard to crawl close to the "perigord" . So far this season but their is still time. There is no training with these truffle blood hounds Accept please and thank you, we thank Mario and Piera for all their hard work

Tartufi hunting
Trufflers Wife