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Truffler's Log

2014 VALENTINO has the woodcock i

It is now you can dig the truffle for love

golden truffle 7.12.2011

Magnatum Pico dug by Jennie parma 2011

2.12,2012 hunting lyre wood

2.12,2012 hunting lyre wood

digging magnatum pico italy 28.11.2011

16.11.2011 brumale hair's,

tuber aestivumunder the microscope 12.11.2011

30th october 2011 ghost in wood

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As England is; So Italy is dry. We leave before light to drive with the first frost but the "autumn leaves are yet to fall". To Parma we go, leaving Imola ;tightly packed , with dogs quietly sprung waiting patiently in their wire compartments. Jennie, patiently quartering the same ground only twenty minuets before another hunter had worked his dog . Her digging, waiting for Mario to join in and the two of them mining happily together . Until set into the crown of the hill the truffle is glowing;with practiced skill "she is prized from her bed and lifted up to be passed round for all to sniff. It is us and the dogs who need the perfume.

Tartufi hunting
Trufflers Wife