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Brenda my wife

Truffler's Log

valentino dug this 16.10.2011

25.11.2011 abit of rain , walking on chalk

october 15th 2011 Valentino hunts steadly wit

hunting two dog's 17.9.2011

I have eaten them 24.8.2011, Pied de mouton


Back to the hunt 4.8.2011

Tino digs magnifacent truffle at stumpy beech

sleep all day out all night 14.7.2011

there eyes open 10.07.2011

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Picture words and identification thanks to Eric Janke Melanogaster along with an image of the spores magnified 600 times. slightly slimy black object I retrieved from the rejects pile and examined under the microscope.Melanogaster broomeianus, which is completely unrelated to the true truffles despite its English names of "Bath Truffle" or "Red Truffle". According to my reference, it was "formerly sold in markets."

Tartufi hunting
Trufflers Wife