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Brenda my wife

Truffler's Log

Squirrel damage 29.06.2011

Valentino first English Truffle26.06.2011

puppies arrived all white like bitch and one

10.6.2011 flocking dogs

9.6.2011 nearly 6 years ago

24.05.2011 recovering

Picture first then walk to find my words8.5.2

27.4.2011 hunting dog in UK

27.4.2011liming tree (I am not an expert)

244.2011 St Georges ?

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The truffle sing's inside our heart it's bosom roll's kindly in England's shaking moments. The squirrel digs her mighty fruit rolls it black upon the earth. its way before the autumn time when man's belly and his wife crave the truffle flesh

Tartufi hunting
Trufflers Wife