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Brenda my wife

Truffler's Log

Brenda Puppies? Coppercing 15.4.2011

walking dogs 6.4.2011

26.3.2011 along the ridge

25.3.2011Valentino arrives in England

22.2.2011 I finish hunting today

my favourit hunt13,2,2011

A good mistake 7.2,2011

Sussex rue 28.1.2011

I won't be selling pictures17.1.2011

I won't be selling pictures17.1.2011

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Brenda is 4 years old and never has come in to season, three different vets but Valentino in 3 weeks has done is bit, finger's crossed we might have puppies. This hazel coppice is in a Borchi orchard Italy. Note the two main stems left to preserve the truffle. They think it takes two years , maybe for trees to return to full production. There had been lots of rain still we dug half a kilo, the soil, was like a chocolate clay mouse ; well wipped, plenty of air in it. Best of all , that night we had fresh borchi They were very good.

Tartufi hunting
Trufflers Wife