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Brenda my wife

Truffler's Log

24.12.2010 Night truffles for christmas

uncinatum on limestone brash 22.12.2010

Experiment18.12.2010(hope not to boring)

8.12.2010 In Hampshire ,on the chalk where th

I fly to Hampshire 7.12.2010

4.12.2010 dug like coal

4,12.2010 Catching Pico and missing Italy

winter aestivum 15.16.2011

blood test,never the hunter always hunted

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This year I have mostly dug the winter aestivum. The Uncinatum for me is a sweeter truffle ; very good to eat with goats butter and oat cake or toast. A winter aestivum seems to like hot food ; to make the last door (taste) milder. Without the shield you will be engulfed by the truffle. It lures the man and the woman ,like Adam and Eve and their apple. Intwined and entwined, they twist and turn. There is no holding back, until the day breaks and the perfume has gone and all the medley of mankind is upon you"fist's and fighting" This snow is making the very best hunting. I have to carry Brenda out of the woods, otherwise we could be there all night digging frozen soil She goes mad for good truffle. When she had dug her whole , she bites them off like ice creams leaving the the shoulders to their feet , for me to dig and put in my pocket

Tartufi hunting
Trufflers Wife