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dance,castles,sea and words - 19.03.2017

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Life is pushing you hard up against the wall. At the very same moment the flowers blunder fourth. The great diseases run past at neck breaking speed. You are free.
Your shouting your way out of the twisted singing world of and listening to the song of stones. The black man is your father `he has a thousand mothers . All calling him a sally  lady who is bright and sparkling . The sea is lapping around our ankles.
There on the beach a monster has been washed up. Its head is still alive . The door opens and the angry man is much surprised as he is faced by all and everyone including himself. We  are all one to be seen in the dream. The candles fires us along a busy road to quick to stop and all fed into eyes. The mouth is is eating swallowing and the ground ishgot around the sandy loam between the big and middle toe.
Our position is changing . We standing in a new place preparing to sing a song as before and before and before that.

Tom ,Adrian, Nigel & Ben depart to meet with dogs at orchard in Provence
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