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Sea Tounge - 23.07.2012

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Hello Tom,
I'm very happy hear from you. I hope everything is OK now and in the future. In Reggio Emilia really hot the past weeks, now a little better. The summer truffle begins to borns. Last hunt I went out with Filu' and Cascata. A very hot afternoon and the dogs have struggled a bit. But the result was good: 98 holes (1.1 kg.), most of them made by Cascata. I'm really happy of this puppy. Very easily come back to hunt tomorrow afternoon.

maybe the truth of money is , its like any other animal ; it needs to run, hunt jump and bark

new's is always going to be a limited truth

there is no hare nocking on my door today

the hare on the crest of the stubble, big black, black rook's , crows, can't tell . big like house's and the hare confident

brenda the squirming busy , sheep dog of a worm has done her job. this is the time of year when every dog want's to fly feet first  like scubby doo at the blackbird tearing out of the bush

early 2012 - today i dug my deepest truffle, 12 inch's untill the hat  and the best truffle in weight

the sparrow hawks belly and the speaking hill, the talking trees, silly man and the fallen road

the collapse of time

12.12.2011   these should be auctioned like the magnatum pico as they are so rare in england now

12/12/2011    it is  now you can dig the" truffle for love"

12.12.2011  the shawn sheep on the hill, on the small hill under the beech  with there one inch of stubble, there edible lamb . brenda the beautifull bitch has dug me a hat full of truffle
and now back to the day the other day we have made for ourselves from years of climbing up the silk stocking, the plastic day, not matises plastic back I go to want I want, to where my hunt is taken
but I still come back to this hunt to remember how feeble I am . the story of man , the big surprise. stuck, the other animals who come to show us the way , our blind eyes and the beauty of the falling story.
money drowning deep only to rise with our great future