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summer truffle - 30.08.2013

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Dorey's Panna cotta with 
haunted  shaved "truffle"
and so say all of us.

I never have hunted these early truffle, they have a very separated season in the land of Northern italy, with laws for the early summer and winter scorzone, "bark". 
When I started hunting brenda in the english woodland 5 years ago , as far as i know we where alone. Egburt was harvesting his truffle (and still is on hands and knees) .
In those days he completed his hunting season mid october and fled abroad to relax after the two solid months of crawling  under the young branches. 
It was so exciting  receiving truffles from Paolo beautifully packed, just to keep brenda nose in trim. I think the last truffle hunters gifted to England crown where a brace from Italy with dogs, not sure which King or henry but they soon got bored and went home.
We only hear of Alfred but he was one of many and just like today it was luck than some media attention gripped his personage and perhaps this has helped a little to unwind the Truffle Saga's that patrolled our woodland scene. trouble is
today just like then all was kept quite and unsaid
Secretly I was so unimpressed with the early truffle brenda started to dig but the perfume never let me say just what  I thought ;and as all was wearing thin, brenda dug our first christmas truffle, well below the ground and something impossible to dig without paws, to wind between roots and uncover. The flavor of this fresh beast and its succulent skin all came like stories out of the ground and history pouring out. trees and land flavor the truffle and every year this changes, 
Now i am hunting these light weight summer truffle with their great fridge perfume, just to train the the puppy, nothing wrong with hunting them , just best if in garden or very well kept wood and ticks are not climbing up stalks to pounce and suck your blood and worst of all pass on their many facetted diseases that defra and doctors cant keep up with as they travel internationally and now enjoy the easy european ferry and air freight transport.
Silly that are summer truffle who real industry was autumn through to late February has such a footpath of a name and its flavor really appreciated
Sadly the woodland that holds these winter  fruits has largely vanished not all in trees but it has little work place where before employed many people and underfoot was like a garden
Now as fuel prices hike up it remains to to be seen with heavy equipment no-longer cart-horses weather the truffle will make such a come back as to employ the village pie maker or just  enthusiastic persons like myself.
Finally the truffle grows so well in the uk and the consequence of our orchard planting is such a clear word that we just forgot or the secrete knowledge died out
cant imagine our forebears bothering to plant the truffle orchards and if they did it would have been where the truffle grows; today there is little understanding of their requirements . Regardless England is covered in this fruit though not always in the quantities of  harvest of old and simply because we lack the correct woodland it does so like.

I am walking the stubble on chalky , broken ground, high on the downs, 3 dogs bustling me to the wood, things have changed , the thorns ,that make  the entrance and sprayed across the pasture cut to the ground, no where for the smaller people to dance under those cob,webs found on chilly almost frozen air dew mornings., As I scrawl across the style steep above the hill, I step into the wood and all stirred inside, brenda a strong dog hard to find better and valentino , King of all around. So why with my head looming to the magnatum Pico have I not returned to Italy to hunt with Paolo, or Mario, why the wait for hestia this little scraggy blue dog , that I waited for the years; is she my vessel; that takes me home to hunt those hills. 

from chalk to limestone brash 

Sasha and her dog Mini at Sea
                                      mini's hunting territory
Mini is a great little hunter and her lady owner has in her palms the great marriage of sea and truffle, with this fine little dark italian bitch who's own parents marriage has the very best bloodline of bologna  truffle hound  magnatum pico)and abrutzo husband  (enough perigord to buy a house)