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coco nut flakes & England's truffle hound? - 13.09.2012

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  Sasha Dorey writes

Truffle prices

i could dive into the sea , grow a tail and swim away..

Tom walking the dogs

I did have a nibble, delicouse at the base of a beech but not sure , Chicken of the wood?

who is this with slimy black throat?

Hello Tom
I found your website and address when searching the internet for info on UK truffles.
I have identified what I believe is a suitable site for truffles in Surrey, I have tried to find them a
couple of times and not been successful. The land is not private land rather a Public Open Space.
What I would like is for you to assist me in the hunt, this is of cause if you are willing and
passing through Surrey (M25/A3 area). I need a guiding hand now from an experienced
hunter from a different part of the country whose toes I will not be treading on !

Hello Again Tom
since your last e-mail to me I have tried for mushroom collecting permission at the patch of of
land that seemed suitable for truffles and have been refused as the land has SSI status.
I will try to find more land with similar soil conditions near to this site without such protection.
If I am lucky I will be in touch again as I need a helping hand in learning how to find truffles.

Hi Stephen, happy to help once your site is sorted, I think you need
your own dog to assist you? (though I am happy to help get you 
 started) I expect many breeds of dogs would take up the 
position . Truffle this time of year should be easily purchased and 
not to expensive, I would suggest crumbling truffle into nest of 
puppies and see who is interested; helpful if they have natural 
passion for the truffle.
I like the miniature poodle labrador cross but their are many choices
perhaps though we have no choice and they choose us.