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truffle hunt when? - 01.10.2012

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heavy fine beast but not ripe yet , still great truffle butter and fish pie and more

truffle and polenta pancake

woods not ready yet 

Its to early for hunting my dogs, truffle not ripe yet but yes I missed the early truffle
I would be out there if only I could coppice the woods and clear the undergrowth; otherwise its ticks and lyme disease as my wooly dogs bring them home. Also  generally the early truffle not so fantastic to cook with and certainly not so challenging often they are collected near the surface without a dog. If its your own woodland then yes I would be patting the trees and tidying the woodland just enough to make the hunting ground less of an ideal home for our bloodsucking tick. Also I  would be praising the culinary virtues of the abundant early harvest
I think this year I will start in November, last year was it very dry ? did not really start digging them up until december and then it was fireworks everywhere
I spoke to my friend Egburt last week , who has just got himself a labrador collie cross for helping him in the orchard its still only weeks old and will do well to outperform its master who has just  collected 20 kilo ofc quality truffle for the English markets. He has been on all fours for quite a few years now harvesting his maturing orchard
The video above is young plantation of native trees not infected with truffle spoor 
knowingly but still producing a good crop enough to keep the large family all happy and excited; so much so they have also just taken on a spaniel poodle cross to help with thetruffle conquest ?
So the truffle hunting picture for England is steadily becoming more European
and readily available to all , which is nothing but a good idea

good to have the dogs hunting together

playing the lyre at the start of the hunting day  can become the "olive oil"
for the final gathering of fruit

This is  coastal truffle hunter moving inland to meet her market place

"The Ladies ", as they stand in a row. We find good truffles here though I think they are best left now till the winter to grow bigger. 

Yesterday Dulcie dug a huge truffle buried feet deep in leaf compost. She almost disappeared in to the ground!

Sasha ☺


Subject: Hands and knees not paws

Date: 3 October 2012 12:30:51 BST



How many acres does he crawl to collect 20 kilos?  Blimey.  Do you collect that sort of quantity? I think we need to up our game. BIG TIME. 
Still no mushrooms.  
Egburts 20 kilo will all be prime resturant truffle to bounce on the wooden block and then run to the waiting customers
I only hope love is made when they all retire home to their roofed bricked houses.
I have helped out once orchard clear and Brenda has dug so many its quite exhausting. He currently is Englands only commercial truffle hunter but accidently has his own woods
and they are growing all around him.
His truffle castle and he does protect it with great fences and regular patrols, anyway there we go life is passing by