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The hazel hear the geese overhead - 30.12.2015

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Christmas truffle day on the downs


We were discussing the Bath Truffle we found several years ago (Melanogaster broomeanus).

This is not an ascomycete like the Tuber but a basidiomycete more like an an earthstar or earth ball.


Here are the other images we looked at yesterday. 

They were taken with a different camera and haven't had the benefit of "image stacking" I applied to the images of yesterday's specimen.

If you have another specimen of brumale, I could try to compare the two directly.


He does not have an Italian name

From the hills

Here are some images of the spores and the fruit-body showing the hole in its base.


 Tuber excavatum again.

Saxon working well, started with some bramble under a big old beech by the road  and then into a a young wood where the  rich mineral soil seems to drain through the limestone brush and the truffle although being shared with badger are still in fine shape
Half way along we where jumped upon by a Roe deer with a bright shiny coat full of morning light. Saxon lost his head but soon came home and back to the work in hand ; he is fine puppy
From the hills

He is mini Valentino

Not a big head just mini. He tries so hard .. launched into brambles and got  stuck. I had to tie Minnie to a tree and get him out. We can all go out now. Minnie on lead and Eric security. He has his job now and stays close though if he saw game he'd be off.. We found mainly the tarry truffles. Are they brumale? I don't like them at all. 


Yes they are Brumale and perhaps we should be braver and try to find best way to cook them as they are so plentiful
Gladly is splitting image of Valentino same as his dad; head of his grandfather and other more like Brenda, very like his dad as well


From the hills

They gave me this

The only tool allowed in Spain. So I will bring a little bit of Spain to my hunt and hope not to get arrested. 

From the hills


I have looked at the four truffles you just sent. As far as I can tell, the small specimen really was Tuber rufum, with spiny spores

Digging and taking to London on the train