truffle hunting season in the United Kingdom somerset

I used to begin the truffle hunt during October you could wake up and find the woodland hit by the first frost all laid down for you . not a nest of blood sucking ticks to clamp themselves to ankles. Also you might have driven so far and the clients expectation is high . You need everything on your side . At the end of the day a truffle that you and all can be  proud of from this   small island. Now with the introduction of truffle infected seedlings planted approx 15 years ago and nurtured with mowed lawns possible  irrigation . I  find myself planning a September harvest and quite likely August to . Yesterday I was called to come and hunt an orchard in May . Well I wouldn't and I couldn't . The damage  would be terrible to the unripe growing truffle and its only April now  when you can sense that mycelium multiplying and preparing its marching armies underground almost shaking the trees.

No doubt as climate warming does persist we will head towards the Italian climate and like them perhaps in 15 years time there be harvesting the early aestivum in may thankfully not yet.This season ended  in early February   to much rain . You needed well drained chalk to keep them alive and not drowning .

At the moment in the native woodland the season f seems to run from October to the beginning of march for the ucinatum / aestivum and.   The planted young orchards maybe with  irrigation September to February and I expect august now 

This season we harvested the borchi fro January to middle of march . 

Every now and then hidden among the more comtempary woodlands of England you tumble into the ruins of the old truffle wood as documented in image . This will be thinned leaving at least 3 uprights or more and perhaps with some hope in 3 years might surprise us with its yield . It had no invaders such as the brumalee truffle but felt like you where walking back in time in the footsteps of a truffle hunter when horses hoofs clattered the lanes .

This year has seen as much success in the positive results from working with mature existing woodland to encourage the truffle as new young orchards producing .