truffle dealer

I am up on the Marlborough downs yesterday walking the Dorset downs ; today I know the wood; two dogs in the car . The field has been harrowed slits mathematically places through the stubble . massive flock partridge drum the air ; the puppy so far all steady . We enter the wood all surprised as at least a hundred trees are gone or so it feels they have been harvested ready to be chipped . For me thats good the Leylandi hog so much shade and I expect are alcoholic with their drinking capacity.I know it will be hard work today even with all the rain the ground and roots only just allowing the me to dig and the truffle to shout "get me out"It takes to long to feel a bulge in my satchel ; I need a few truffle inside it just to weigh it down and stop it hitting the dog on his chin every time I bend down.

I am working for the farmer today harvester they have their own very good dogs but the Christmas and covid rush means more help needed apparently the truffle seems to help with all thing hormonal and so covid 

One large white bottomed truffle on the surface and then two very larger ones one  eaten like ice cream cones sat in the ground bites out of and then another on top . Who isin side the wood with me now eating truffle and digging therm ? Onwards and slowly we fill the bag and it is slow and many tiny truffle  Tobacco has retrieved a cold dead partridge fallen from the sky from the neighbours shooting the day before his natural job not this silly one of hunting truffle for sausage .

As we near the end of the hunt two more truffle above ground and then she explodes from the Bria half bird more woman in the shape of the small muntjac ; she was the truffle digger . last night I had prepared my truffle butter ready to pour over a chicken just enough for  tom only to find my wife ha eaten most if not all the truffle so its the turning of the leaves brought on by the colder air makes us all hungry for truffle  Cyril the squirrel ; Mir hare even the  fox.

We ended the day as light was running out and a cooler air depending and even better in wood lower down nestled up to house the truffle where rolling out of the ground and in 10 mis dugs as many as  I had found in 2 hours high up on top

I think we had 4 to 5 kilo may good ones and also more damaged and not so good