Hunter'ress - 20-12-2013

i hope its not my words, often prefer their sound to any meaning although i am fully aware of our understanding that has brought them but often wondered if the breaking of rules might put us along side the original sounds that made us so rich
On 20 Dec 2013, at 09:19, Sasha Dorey wrote:

Was going to sent this yesterday but got a bit dark. I feel very odd . Must be Christmas . In the foreground our downs and the trees stand behind . And there ahead she glows .

I feel very odd . Must be Christmas .

The image is more angelic than devilish . Have realised I am a poacher . I think I get a bit of a kick from doing things I shouldn't . A more devilish image would be the large black stolen truffles.

Tiramisu would definitely work though . Maybe just replace the coffee for truffle. That was my dream a long time ago.

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