VALENTINO has the woodcock

His eyes, our sown to the truffle world; still he knows what crouches in the orange light, that drives the geese off the mudflats and floats them over the stubble. Such a trust worthy dog. Then he throws truffle after truffle up high out of the soft leaf mulch and digs down in to the brown black soil. He does it for love. At home his Kingdom , the only dog Catherine really cares for. Even suggested he could join us at the Wedding. I thank you Mario for such a fine person. He does have toes like old delicate italian furniture The Season, was bled dry through our summer, on the clay stroke limestone brash. The chalk (according to Egburt ) holds the moisture and it seems to be true,; those truffle , high on the downs where not the size of peas and still fled across the banquette hall in great style as they burst their way into the kitchen's The forrest has favoured us today with songs and fruit of more to come