Golden Truffle

Tonight as the God's rested, We dug the truffle we spelt under the beech and walked in the paces. Edwards footsteps.The great hunt still remains, we sprang in song and twined among the river banks. The blind bird of mystery flew all through the valley, crying and crying and crying and crying; And below her Wing cruxed in the beat,lay the truffle. The song and the truffle rises high, high into the air and she hears it in her ears and the beat goes on and the song goes on and tonight the gods shall dance and we stirred our way through the great park. good night. Mario, Pieara, Paolo I write to you of Zetta and Ringo, tonight they are inside me , I hope tomorrow , I stop thinking about them. I saw Rudi toady he is a fine dog size wise between Brenda and Valentino, already dug 100 truffle , looks like valentino