Hunting Lyre Wood

was expecting to dig 10 kilo, couple of hours with each dog, struggled to dig 1 kilo. The trees are about 20 years old and provide a good harvest to the farmer of truffles that can be collected without a dog. I think this year Egburt has dug and sold 80 kilo of truffle. Normally its the dogs , that are required now to dig the deeper truffle that have just started to crop on these young trees. Last year in couple hours quite posable to dig 5 kilo. I hope with plenty of rain perhaps a late crop might appear but like Italy its been to dry and the late truffle have been very damaged by the lack of water. It did not help that Brenda who has a great nose for the truffle is now chasing game. Something I need to sort out if I can. Brisighella market (picture)