Hunting Two Dogs

I think we dug the famous flat skinned reddish underneath truffle, anyway I left it accidentally fallen of the log. When I arrived on top of the downs,; no leads, Brenda at heal, Valentino hovering at heal. Hate leads but sort of suits the Lagottos's nature to pull away at the violent smells drifting up from beneath us. Endless walking both dog's at heal, I started with Valentino, Brenda at home with the puppies, he speaks good english , comes to his name So i started tonight , , Brenda kept at heal, Valen tino to hunt in-front, disaster, Valentino did not understand,and when I hunted them together; as Mario had warned me Brenda to dominant and Valentino, lifted his head up. I ended up not being very nice to Brenda making her sit and stay while I tried to persuade Tino to hunt. Then like a dog sleigh , we are off, Brenda at my heal , Tino quartering in-front; more than i expected, he dug a small truffle, and then another large one; now I am feeling sorry for Brenda; I bring him into heal to see if I can unleash Brenda and keep him at heal , without upsetting him to much. Brenda digs good littler truffle and starts eating it. I will one day hunt them together , but first must make Valentino as confident as Brenda