Magnatum Pico

Well , I can see why the motor-ways , toll gates are happily travelled to hunt this intoxicating tuber; very few things are ever as good as they are told. Somethings seem to improve with the sutality of knowing somebody and love . Eating the Pico grated on to freshly made noodle like pasta thanks to our hostess Piera is every bit as great as the journey was promised. Also digging the magnatum is an audible edible experience, set like a jewel in its terra firma, so slowly and carefully dug by Mario and Jennie, jennie so steady she makes a dream dog. Luckily I still have the hunt inside I don;t know how long it will last, certainly learnt allot watching friends work their dogs and most of all managed to bring truffle back to England to grate for Catherine. UNDER THE MICROSCOPE THANKS TO ERIC MAGNATUM PICO HIS WORDS The truffle was excellent, thank you. Microscopically, it looks quite similar to the T. aestivum, but with a very different outer skin.