Pigs, Dogs, Puppies

Moss my old lurcher, sat halfway down the hill, Waiting for the badgers and fox's, to dash from hedge to hedge. These little Lagottos have the the top paddock and like pigs are rooting for mouse's under the plum tree's. Two puppies, the Runt,who I could hardly tell from his brother and Rudi Valentino both left us on friday to much sorrow in the household. Also relieve to me, their life , well I would be happy for those short 15 years hunting the river bank and digging truffle up on the chalk. They go to live In Alfred Collin's old hunting ground. Every one of these puppies, has heart of a lion , these two remaining are tearing round the garden, I don't know why , I can't bring myself to advertise them; I want them to go, but perhaps I am just waiting for the occasion and the owners step forward. Mario said they would be special puppies and it is so. Mario I think , Rudi, who look-like Valentino in coloring will be a champion