Valentino first English truffle

Great dog When I prized Valentino from Morara kingdom I knew he was great dog, I had never seen him dig truffle play with children or how well he would live alongside Brenda. Dog and bitch have married and so far their relationship is exemplary and the kids love him. I seem to be up and and then suddenly falling down last couple of months, probably from tick bite . Going to try herb from africa to see if it helps. Today after cooking lunch and sorting the kitchen escaped with Valentino before the guests arrived. Hot day so left Brenda,s hatch open hoping she keeps her fat puppies safe . We are up on the high chalk near shaftesbury , walking boundaries, its good to show valinto his hunting territory , he has just dug his first truffle on the footpath a "bagmoli" , smelly "old things ." Chemical is how the book describes it. He sat down asking for reward , I never saw the truffle, after patting him and moving off he scooped it of the ground . I promptly retrieved it from his soft jaws. I only saw him dig . Every thing else hidden buy fur. That's his first English truffle, he has as I thought inherited all his royal qualities .