Valentino Hunts Steadly Wit

This morning I can smell the first hint of winter, sitting high above the ground and below the mist. I realize , I have become the the same as the dog ; I have to wait for the hunt to begin, of course the truffle are there, but they soon will have the magic thrown about them. Valentino is doing well, he is a pleasure to hunt (until another day) Yesterday with the ground dry and skirting the edge of big wood; now lost in itself but with Kings and Queens had set many a carriage to the truffle hunt. We try and hunt for the key to reach back inside the wood . he smacked that big truffle and left us three and a quarter with some determined little worms burying madly through the black hilly skin. this beast is our walk way to hold hand with fellow hunters two three four hundred years ago. Mario , I thank you again for giving me such a fine beast. He comes to England not to love Brenda but hunt his heart. News his son Rudi Valentiono , he can't that old has already dug his twon native wild truffles, he was the first puppy to kiss breda'a eye and he left me a champion