Truffle hunt, song & tea

Tom Lywood and Saxon digging truffle
Tom Lywood and Saxon digging truffle
Tom Lywood and Saxon digging truffle

Naturally evolved over the last dozen years. Once the truffle site's have been established and maybe encouraged ; its created the stage for small party, around the hunt. Maybe just family and friends or a more formal day .

Twenty people or five; The day is very much in the hands of the host who either owns the land or has secured permission to hunt for the day; the food can either be a simple, and often the best English winter uncinatum truffle, lightly stormed by heat and butter ; then served over the most highly processed white toast. Its hard to improve on ; we have tried. From Mark Hix’s library to sea side Oyster’s in a Temple. Truffle does love fish ; how the fish ever feel’s about that; I don’t want to know. I enjoy the simplicity of cooking quickly with the truffle after the hunt and more than food the flavour bring fourth a story from sometime forgotten. The day is ending ; light is vanishing ; as we feast and it tickle arms like branches from the trees.

Then home.

My charges remain the same for these days £150.00 plus travel.


Horn and Hat





Table Spread

Photos by S Dorrey